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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, deadly storms. a powerful system moving east spawning at least two powerful tornadoes and high winds ripping down a tent at a festival. where they are heading right now. raging wildfire. barely contained. the dry conditions on the west coast fueling in massive blaze and others. building buildings burning. a second american doctor accused of poaching in africa. another lion killed in a protect area. for get the surfboard, this daredevil uses his motorcycle on the water.
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and good monday morning. we have to start with severe weather that's hitting several states producing strong wind hail and tornado. >> it's showing it's heading east moving across to detroit heading toward pittsburgh and albany right now. >> this image showing what the storm system is capable of producing. strong tornado was spotted west of des moines iowa some reported damage there. >> oh, my god. oh my god no. i'm going to shut the gas off. >> you're okay. >> panic in eastern michigan as a tornado rolled through that area. the twister damaged several buildings including a school. >> severe storms turned deadly in illinois. high winds caused a tent to collapse at a festival. more from abc's bazi kanani. >> this is horrible. >> reporter: festivalgoers described the frightening moments that led to this. at least 15 injured and one killed when a sudden storm barreled through 9 annual
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prairie fest near chicago. powerful winds sent the main tent and its poles flying. rescuers had to cut holes in the tarp to trap those inside. >> i fell on one of my friends. her whole arm was cut. >> reporter: it sent thousands scrambling to take shelter at the annual lollapalooza musical festival. it pierced this dome over two indoor softball fields. the youth got out just in time. >> you could see the rip in the dome and kind of blew down. >> reporter: the system moving across the upper midwest with rain, hail and even some reported tornadoes. >> oh my god, no. i'm going to shut the gas off. >> reporter: tense moments as a twister approacheds in owen dale michigan. this family races for shelter. >> reporter: the violent winds flung around whole trees in northern michigan. >> literally sawed trees being
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uprooted before our eyes. >> reporter: trunks and branches crashing down on power lines, cars and leaving crews with hours of work to get roads re-opened. bazi kanani abc news washington. >> incredible pictures. other major weather story fueling dozens of wildfires. >> the rocky fire more than doubled in size to 54,000 acres. the blaze destroyed homes and other buildings. another 6,000 homes are threatened. more than 12,000 people ordered to get out of there. >> we had seen a couple of spot fires and those pretty much escalated and got pretty big and took off. >> doomsday. that's what it looked like. >> the brush in that area is the driest in at lesion a century and don't know what the fire will do next. also fires burning in oregon and washington. the 9,000 firefighters working the blaise in northern california aren't going to get help today from the weather. >> complete weather from
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accuweather's molly cochran. >> thanks. now for monday we do have the threat for some severe storms across the northeast. the i-95 it is going to be a hot and steamy afternoon. that severe threat includes syracuse and pittsburgh where flooding downpours and damaging winds will be some of the main impacts. across northern california we continue to have wildfires burn not the great news coming in for monday. we have dry thunderstorms in place and some additional gusty winds. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thank you, molly. another close call between a drone and passenger jet in the country's busiest airspace. sources tell abc news that the pilot of a shuttle america flight spotted a drone while coming in for a landing at jfk airport in new york last night and the drone well came dangerously close to the plane packed with passengers. >> there is is a drone incident run way. >> location please. >> right behind --
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[ inaudible ]. >> altitude? >> 30 feet. >> this was the third drone sighting near kennedy airport since friday. the faa has launched a campaign warning people operating drones to stay away from airports. malaysian investigators are hoping to find more debris after confirmed the wing flap that washed ashore is in fact from a boeing 777. the part called a flaperon will be analyzed by experts in france trying to determine if it came from the missing malaysia airlines flight 370. also trying to figure out how it broke off. no other wreck ang linked including a metal object found on reunion island which turned out to be a lad are. police in memphis trying to track down tremaine wilbourn. they say he was a passenger in a car pulled over by 33-year-old officer sean bolton who struggled with the officer before shooting him multiple times. the mayor says the shootings highlight the danger of police
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work and ease of getting a gun. breaking political news overnight a first glimpse of hillary clinton's first tv ads set to begin running tomorrow in iowa and new hampshire. they focus on clinton's work on behalf of families and relationship with her late mother. central themes of her campaign. she may face a challenge from joe biden. his chief of staff has been talking to donors about the possibility of the vice president jumping into the 2016 race while biden has not authorized any specific moves, his advisers say he is seriously considering a run. well plunging prices. when $2 a gallon gas is expected to make a return. >> scary scene at sunday services. two explosions at two churches just minutes apart. but are they connected? and another american doctor accused of hunting down a lion. the growing big game poaching investigation.
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a surprise at a south florida beach. rocket debris from galileo washed up behind a hotel in ft. lauderdale. police hauled it away and the faa will look at it later to confirm that it's from galileo. a motorist in some states could pay less than $2 for gas by the end of the year. aaa says the national average this morning is 2.65 a gallon. 12 cents less than a month ago and nearly a dollar down interest a year ago. says 0 states could see them below $2 in the south and midwest by christmas. if you don't feel like
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driving, try flying. air flares could hit a four-year low. average domestic fare of $248 through november. nearly 4% cheaper than last year. the reason fuel is down about 30%. and your in addition should you choose to accept it is to guess what movie was tops at the box office this weekend. nope it's not impossible or hard. "mission impossible: rogue nation" pulled off that stunt. the tom cruise film took in $56 million. "vacation" tour a detour to a distant second with $15 million and "ant-man" crawled into third with $13 million. a drag race comes to a violent end smashing into a walsh the reality show personality who is behind the wheel. american pharoah returns, the horse on the tracks for the first time since winning the triple crown, everyone wowed again.
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tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch®. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. ah the cleanup resumes in the tampa st. petersburg area after record rainfall caused flooding. the wastewater systems couldn't handle all the water and some backed up into homes and businesses and more rain expected overnight and after daybreak. commuters in florida this morning are likely to find wet and possibly flooded roads. roadway flooding likely from pittsburgh up into new england. wet roads are also likely in the western mountains.
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if you're flying airport delays in kansas city and denver. well back to the news now and the frightening attacks on two churches in new mexico. >> bombs went off 20 minutes apart one at a baptist and one at a catholic church in las cruces. bomb-sniffing dogs brought in. >> i couldn't even walk up to the altar and heard everyone out of the church. what did we miss while we were -- lots happening. >> because of that timing investigators think the bombings were linked but they're not revealing any other possible evidence. well the government of zimbabwe claims a second american doctor illegally killed a lion. investigators say dr. jon seski from pittsburgh shot a lion with a bow and arrow back in april. authorities say seski shot the big cat without approval and on land where the hunt was not allowed. seski is apparently well known
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in big game hunting circles said to have killed six elephants. over the weekend zimbabwe suspended the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in the area where cecil the lion was killed by a minnesota dentist. his whereabouts, unknown. public health investigators are trying to reassure residents after a fourth person died of legionnaires' disease. 65 have gotten sick five cooling towers have been cited as a possible source of contamination and a city leading is calling for cooling towers to be inspected regularly just as elevators are. a dramatic drag race came to an end in texas with the reality star in a hospital. daddy dave of "street outlaws" was in that car and lost control and you see it flipping over several times. he's recovering from a concussion a bruised lung and lots of bumps and bruises.
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his competitor pitched in to help with the medical bills. also nascar driver brad keselowski says he's to blame for this pit road accident in which three -- she of them there, his own crew members hit by his car. all three were type. he said he felt bad about this whole thing. he went on to finish second in the race. from the nascar track to the horse track, where american pharoah picked up right where he left off. he cruised to victory in his first race since winning the triple crown in june. >> the jockey said the win was pretty easy. when will he race next? his owner isn't saying but his final race will likely be at the end of october. continue with the sports theme in time for some other winners from the major league baseball -- >> highlights from our guys at espn. >> two johns for the price of one, buccigross and anderson.
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a chance to sweep and get into first place. >> on espn sunday night baseball. curtis granderson. bottom of the third, this was the inning the whole game. he homered then daniel murphy crushes one up there, 3-1 mets. ses pierre da singled and duda homered. three in like five minutes of realtime. that's all noah syndergaard. that's all they needed. andre ethier dodgers against the angels. tied at two. ethier's solo home run off joe smith. that's really his name. padres up, 3-2. in the tenth, go home. two-run homer, his 12th of the year and dodgers, 5-3 and sweep
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the angels who sdro lost six straight. nine of ten and are currently four in arrears of the astros. jon lester cubs battle the pirates and andrew mccutcheon, more run to watch running and doing anything else. watch espn app which jay harris invented and see bucc and i on "sportscenter." >> merry monday, everybody. >> all right, thanks fellas. quite the scene over the weekend at a beach in san diego where dozens of dogs getting on their boards and, yes, they're out there surfing. >> more than 50 participated in the tenth annual dog surfing competition. the dogs competed against each other. about the same size maybe the best part of it all, it all went to charity. proceeds went to the san diego humane society. well up next in "the pulse," the biggest name in fighting. ronda rousey her weekend win and this morning the woman she defeated talking to social
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system sometimes acts up. so try the activia challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. it works or it's free! ♪ hey, time now for "the pulse" and start with you ufc fighter ronda rousey still plenty of buzz going on after her fight saturday night. >> rousey overwhelmed her brazilian challenger who angered rousey by speaking about her father's suicide. rousey knocked her out in 34 seconds. that started a twitter hashtag things shorter than a rousey fight. >> the distance seattle had to go in a second and goal a reference to february's super
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bowl of course. and the amount of time kanye west keeps a smile on his face. >> the brazilian woman who rousey beat thanked her fans and asked them to wait for her. her dream of being a champion continues. >> that was a big fight. >> 4 seconds. i mean the story we just did about her was longer than the fight, as well. she is a bad sister. well swimmers enjoying the beaches along the southeast have been plagued by shark, worried about that but now they have something else to worry about. >> seven-foot-long alligator decided to swim into the shallow waters of a crowded south carolina beach. but police and animal control officers quickly moved in and tied it up. >> all ended well. nobody hurt the alligator relocated to more suitable waters. >> i'm not a fan of these alligators being from florida. >> you should love them then. >> i know but they bring fear and you can see why. >> what do you take alligators or sharks.
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>> neither. i'll stay at home and watch them on television. next up a police officer in michigan who is getting kudos for a rather nontraditional act of heroism. he was on the scene while a baby skunk desperately tried to get its head out of a yogurt container. he was patient about it. >> he's letting thing go round and round then he finally gets in there to help the little guy out and takes the container off. this next go-round. there it is but then the officer got the heck out of there. well, of course you can understand maybe why the officer was a little nervous about sticking around too close. the department said on its facebook page luckily baby skunks can't spray like adults. the officer didn't know that at the time but performed a good deed. >> i never knew that mr. baby skunks. >> i mean now if you think, of course talking riding a wave somebody on a surfboard, robbie maddison turns that on its head. a new video showing the australian stunt rider doing this yes, riding waves on a
4:24 am
dirt bike. this is in tahiti his most ambitious product ever. >> dirt biking surfing and stand-up jet skiing. who knew that was a thing. it took him two years to accomplish it. there are small skis on the front win and propeller tire on the back. the bike has an inflateable air bag in case he wipes out. >> it looks like he's riding that thing on the water. >> but he is no jesus. you have to have a little help here. air bags. right? >> i'm sure he prayed about this before he went out and tried it. well, for many so of you out there your local news is coming up next. for everyone else stick with us. we'll be right back. after we are all inside for a while it gets pretty stuffy.
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the interior of the east coast from pittsburgh to maine. and finally, the canadian research he was behind a social experiment that came to an unun ununfortunate end say they are interested in having those
4:28 am
responsible prosecuted. >> hitchbot has a lot upset. we have a report. >> reporter: somehow it came to me and i'm part of this journey for this crazy robot. >> this is one of the last images of the hitchhiking robot that's become a celebrity of the a canadian experiment that tests the kindness and curiosity of strangers gone horribly wrong just two weeks into its cross country trip. >> this is supposed to be philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. it's not robot love. >> we picked up a hitchhiking row boot. >> popular youtubers jesse wellons were the last known people to see hitch-bot intact. they stumbled across it at the art museum and posted their adventures on line. >> we drove it around philly for awhile. i tweeted out to all our fans that follow me on youtube and stuff, if anyone wants to take it next. >> the two left it on a bench near alfres alley hoping someone would take it to washington, d.c. hours later hitch-bot was found headless.
4:29 am
its electronics stolen and -- >> why you do that? what did the robot did to anybody in it went to new york city but now it's here in philadelphia. then it gets destroyed. >> i'm really upset. >> reporter: the hitchbot posted in radio music city hall. the only thing more tattered is philly's reputation. >> that's a disgrace. i mean somebody put a lot of work into that robot and a lot of money and it's been all over the world and welcome to philly. let us kill you. >> it just shows don't hitchhike in philadelphia i guess. >> philadelphia police aren't investigating this because no police report has been childed. the canadian researchers say they want to focus on the good that hitchbot did and not the vandalism. folks here in philadelphia they are intent on finding out who did this to hitchbot. jeff chirico, philadelphia. >> let's not hitchhike in philadelphia. >> that's what's
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